Poems and Lyrics

Surface Meanings

We were dancing on the waves of confusion,
Between the devil and the deep blue sea;
Who was to know of another land
That played forsoof behind the scenes?

Mistaking a person for their appearance,
The look that is so negative!
Under surface was an opposite,
The real you and me.

Looking through profound stories,
A man will take its surface meaning;
Man reflects this in all he does,
The fool whose 'truth' is deceiving.

Enforcing our hands beneath the water
We touch on a difference;
(It was) not the beauty it once seemed before,
That was all beyond man's senses.

Surface meanings

When we disembody surface garments
We enter a scope of infinity,
The space where no-one laments,
More the land that God embraces.

Things on the surface do beshrew
And lure man with their falsehoods;
They're bequeathed unto unknowing disciples,
Leaving the dream in full view.

Tearing under surface, crashing waves
We'd forget all about time;
The spirit it would guide us,
The Truth was undermined.

The truth you need is not on the surface,
One day the mind's eye says you'll understand,
There's a land of lies below these skies
Though soon you'll be rid of your bodily guise!

Surface meanings

© 1982 - E. Richman, aka: The Egg, ARR
Music (E Min) - L'ange de L'Oeuf de L'amour, 1989

Suppressio Veri

The forest has caught up with you again.
You are dancing inbetween each drop of rain;
Doors of towers in castles are locking in your mind,
Inhibitions of every kind.

A gemstone of truth resides deep inside of you,
Yet a forest of weeds has stopped the sun from shining through;
Now you're all alone playing tunes of the moon,
Caught in the flow of the night tide,
See the dawn come soon.

There are many more prisoners, so much like you,
Locked in the dungeons of The Earth,
Playing their tunes of abandoned Hope,
Hiding, lamenting with mirth.

Remember the days when you had it all worked out,
But you dared not take a step further
Into the mystery, the fortress of your mind;
Now look at the demons you are serving!

For the forester is coming
To chop down your trees
And the man of activity cannot believe
The truth that he now sees.

© 1982, Rev. 1989, Rev. 2011: E. Richman (The Egg), ARR
Music (A Min): The EggED (The Egg & Eddy Dave Ryan), 1989

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